We're participants of the 4th CALD Communications Workshop!! Having loads of fun and learning a great deal! Let's hope we'll all be able to grow together as party partners!

Monday, September 11, 2006

Ronald Meinardus reviewed

The Fourth CALD political communication workshop ended on Sep 9th. At our ``graduation” ceremony each one of us were given the Dr. Ronald Meinardus penned book ,``Liberal Times in the Philippines”

The book is a compilation of RM’s articles during the last ten years of his stay in Asia. These writings first appeared in the Korean Times, The Individual to read my fascinating thoughts!


Anonymous meinardus said...

hi, gulmina, thx for the commentary about my commentary. i am sorry that i didn't get to sign your book. i had wanted to think of something special for a special colleague, but then we somehow got lost. next time we meet, please bring the book and i will write a dedication for you. have fun in kl and keep on blogging.

10:47 AM  
Anonymous theindividual said...

you could have said that you'll send another copy!......

12:56 PM  

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