We're participants of the 4th CALD Communications Workshop!! Having loads of fun and learning a great deal! Let's hope we'll all be able to grow together as party partners!

Friday, September 08, 2006

CALOG (Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats that Love to bLog)

The Blog of Senator Kiko Pangilinan was born on September 7, 2006, in Taipei, Taiwan, during the 4th Annual CALD (Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats) Political Communications Workshop. Entitled, “Political Communications in the Digital Age: A Hands on Workshop on modern Political Communication tools,” the workshop was created to address a sincere and urgent desire to learn the latest technology and software that can boost communications practices of political parties in Asia.

Led by Dr. Ronald Meinardus of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation and CALD Executive Director John Coronel, CALOG is comprised of delegates from Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, Pakistan, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and even Myanmar. CALOG in Filipino, connotes a sense of humor. And that’s exactly what the participants had. Aside from enjoying the overflowing ice-cream, the participants enjoyed discussing the success and trials of their political parties. The workshop is on its 2nd day and its success is already evident.

Last night, BBC and Taiwan Radio International interviewed Pia Artadi-Facultad, Political Communications Head of Senator Kiko Pangilinan, along with Soe Aung of Myanmar and Keo Phirim of Cambodia to ask if the use of the Internet was truly an effective practice in emerging and struggling democracies in Asia. “The Philippines’ pervasive use of the Internet and the infinite possibilities that it brings for our countrymen, can only be effectively felt if it becomes a venue for political engagement and if it resonates in volumes the needs and wants of our people. Getting our countrymen engaged, especially the youth, is a significant step in our continuous struggle towards better governance, transparency and accountability.”

With the inception of Sen. Kiko Pangilinan’s Blog,TeamKiko is now online all the time, not just for its countrymen but also for fellow Asian Liberals and Democrats that want to learn about the success of TeamKiko in helping its nation move forward. Members of CALOG look forward to greater cooperation and involvement of TeamKIKO in the crusade for good governance, freedom and justice.


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