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Monday, September 11, 2006

CALD's 4th Communications Workshop: Day 4 & End

09 Sept 2006, Radio Taiwan International, Taipei, Taiwan - CALD Communications Workshop participants with RTI officials

After having gotten some rest back home in Singapore & the ability to recollect my thoughts, here are the last of the happenings of our last day of CALD's 4th communications workshop entitled 'Political Communication in the Digital Age'.

As the various working groups were given the better half of the 3rd day to work on and publish their podcasts, their works were presented in the morning after brief reports made by the respective teams covering the areas of Logistics/News of the day, DPP Liaison & Entertainment, Blogging/Daily Newsletter and Documentation.

As podcast after podcast were presented by the various working groups, quick comments were made by the producers of the podcasts followed by important recommendations from Dr R.M with regards to the content and overall presentation of their podcasts and how they could be made better in the near future, this was followed by other remarks made by fellow participants in relation to that.

After which Dr R.M proceeded to discuss on how the workshop should go from here onwards as in strengthening the network of media specialists in CALD, the usage of blogs and the need to cross-link to one another for easy reference was one of the few points that is important apart from the traditional means of exchanging contacts, and also permanent.

Following the discussion, the participants evaluated the workshop and gave needed feedback to the organisers in which each point raised was explained by John Coronel of CALD and Dr R.M of the FNF, it was concluded after the calculation of the results filed by the participants, that the workshop was a success, it definitely was in my opinion.

The Participants were given certificates of participation, a thumbdrive and a book by Dr R.M as a gift as he'll be leaving the Philipines after 4 years of work there.

The workshop came to a close, the participants went forth after lunch to observe the sit-in protests being conducted just outside of the presidential offices, the local media speculated the amount of protestors to be about 200,000 people but the downplayed amounts could be as low as 80,000 as it was reported, a few comments though, well organised and peaceful, though i think 'they' being there is really a hopeless cause as the subject of the protest, president Chen already stated that he won't be stepping down, thus i can only assume that the protest might not go anywhere for the moment.

The day ended off with some participants visting Taipei 101 for some shopping and a scenic view from the world's tallest structure at the time (Weather wasn't in a good state so spending for the ticket would be futile).

Many thanks to the organisers for a great workshop, and to my fellow Liberal participants in Asia, have a bright future ahead in your respective fields and don't give up in the fight for democracy.

Flickr Site on the Workshop in Taipei.

Kao Wen Sheng, Singapore


Blogger Gideon said...

I hope the CALD blogger team could also put the knowledge we learn in the work shop to use in this blog by adding RSS to it, so that i can subscribe to it? Thanks

8:05 PM  
Anonymous meinardus said...

wen-sheng, thx for your effort. the pictures are a good selection of the busy days in taipei. take care and keep up the liberal spirit!

10:57 AM  
Blogger PDI Perjuangan said...

Hi, Wen Sheng, thanks for your briefly report... it's helping me to make a report to my party...;)

It is good idea for putting the RSS to this blog (I agree with you, Gideon). So we can always be updated and keep in touch each others.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous narwin said...

Hi everyone. just a reply to gideon's suggestion. I already puy-up two links on the page for those who would like to subscribe to, one is atom 0.3 and the other is rss 2.0.

Another thing... if you are using firefox, notice the orange button at the right-bottom cornet of the browser. That's a RSS link or bookmark if you're on the caldcloggers mainpage.

keep on posting!

6:13 PM  
Blogger PDI Perjuangan said...

Thanks Narwin,

Btw, I try to posting an article to this blog, but i don't have idea how to manage it. Do I have to be a member of blog?

12:06 PM  
Blogger Kao Wen Sheng said...

My thanks for the posting up of the photos for the last day's report - Whoever you are.

9:01 AM  

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