We're participants of the 4th CALD Communications Workshop!! Having loads of fun and learning a great deal! Let's hope we'll all be able to grow together as party partners!

Sunday, October 16, 2005

CALD General Assembly in Taipei

We just finished a successful CALD General Assembly in Taipei. The theme of this assembly was: "Advancing Women in Politics: the Role of Political Parties". We had participation from CALD's all eight member parties, plus observers, and the newly-admitted member, YLDA. Since I don't represent CALD, I will leave it to the Secretariat to update everyone on the assembly.

However, I can tell from the perspective of the hosting party, that it turned out very well. Even though our entire DPP-staff and the CALD Secretariat worked around-the-clock to make sure that everything was in order, we finished the Assembly with a garden fete at the Taipei Guest House: jazz music, entertainment, and candlelight dinner with President Chen, who stayed the entire night with members of CALD.

At 2300 hrs. we held the grand finale at the Party World KTV where Rep. Neric Acosta showed how well he can sing. If he ever decides to change careers, I would definitely support him as a broadway star...

Communications wise- we showed the CALD Multimedia Presentation and the ARDA video produced by the Singaporeans... Go Michael & Uncle Yap! Both of them received many good comments from the audience, and this just represents how powerful a good presentation can publicize your organization. Cheers to CALD for such a great job done!

Until next time everyone!

Ping-Ya Hsu

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Pakistan Update from Sameena

Hey guys, Michael here. Greetings to all. I'm posting this on behalf of Sameena. I emailed her after the quake and was relieved to hear the reply that she was fine. Her country is not however. Please read on.

The worst ever earthquake in the history of Pakistan has killed over 50,000 (the count is not yet complete), crippled tens of thousands and has done massive damage to properties by literally sweeping entire villages and towns. Relief activities are underway by government agencies, international donor agencies, individuals, private organizations and NGOs but still almost 20 pc areas are yet to be accessed according to the ISPR.

Though an extremely admirable work is being done by international organizations and the people of this country, political parties and different NGOs in collecting relief goods and rushing the supplies on their own to affectes, yet this is basically a humanitarian effort to save lives and lessen misery.

The greater task of rehabilitation of the homeless lies ahead. People have lost
their homes, businesses and all they had. The aid now pouring in may give them food and shelter for a while but what they need is to return to ?normal? life.

The worst hit in this disaster are children and youth both in terms of physical
and emotional loss. Thousands were buried alive under the debris of the collapsed school/college buildings because the schools and colleges had just begun when the quake hit the region. Thousands have lost not only their families, friends and belongings but probably their ?future?.

Peace Education And Development (PEAD)Foundation , like scores of others, has also embarked upon the mission to help people in distress.

But it is also thinking beyond, and plans to help and contribute to the rehabilitation of the educational institutions.

The idea is to take up a Union Council in one of the worst hit areas (probably
Balakot ) and help in re-construction of a ?school?. This will not only provide job opportunity for a few teachers but also an opportunity to the children to return back to their ?normal life?.

Since this involves a large amount of resource generation, we hereby request you to kindly donate personally, ask friends and relatives to contribute to this noble cause. We will ensure accountability and will keep you posted on the progress/ accounts on a regular basis.

If you wish to make a donation please send it to account title ?Peace Education and Development Foundation? Account No. 1715-0 , Jinnah Super Market, F-7, Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan.

This account, I must underline, is subject to audits by the government.

We strongly believe that a small contribution by you will certainly make a big

Please do not hesitate to ask any question.

Looking forward to your cooperation,

Sameena Imtiaz,
Executive Director
Liberal Forum Pakistan

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Liberals to support PM.

Liberals to support PM.

After intense discussion The Liberal Party decided to support the ruling caolition presidential candidate Mr Mahanda Rajapakse at the fourthcoming presidential election due on 17th of November 2005.

A delegation comprising Prof Rajiva Wijesinha(President LP),Mrs Swarna Amaratunga(Vice President LP),Dr Newton Pieris(Vice President),Mr Kamal NIssanka(Secretary General LP) and Mr Prasanna Dharmakeirthi(Deputy Secretary General) met primier yesterday (2.10.2005) at his official residence in Colombo and exchanged views for one and half hours.

The Liberal Party will prmote the idea of peaceful negotiable solution to the national question while propagating liberal eonomic policies based on social market economy.

kamal Nissanka

Saturday, October 01, 2005

blasts in Bali

Dear supriyanto,

sharing your grief and sorrow I hope you are safe and sound. Please do write a couple of lines to let us know you r ok.

This is yet another incidence of intolerance of a few people who can go to any extent in carrying out their evil designs.

we, the liberals are once again challenged to work towards promotion of a culture of peace and tolerance in such intolerant societies.