We're participants of the 4th CALD Communications Workshop!! Having loads of fun and learning a great deal! Let's hope we'll all be able to grow together as party partners!

Friday, September 30, 2005


Thank God It's Friday!

I have been reading the posts from the past few days, and I am happy that we have all contributed to it somehow. The Indonesian side has been silent, and yes, am still waiting for a blog from the Korean technological experts.

What a week! It's great that it's finally Friday, and that I have finally some time to sit down to relax and write a good article.

But my mind is empty after placing it under heavy use for all of this week. What's going on outside of my little circle of programming (events-wise), I haven't caught up, but I see that we have yet another typhoon approaching Taipei.

Oh, I would like to discuss about Internet Radio. I think it is one of the greatest tools that political parties can use. The DPP started from its roots through undeground radios and magazines. Of course, at that time, the radios were synchronized by AM or FM mode, but now, we may not need to anymore. With Internet Radio, we can broadcast live to the entire world, and for those unfortunate ones that are forced to live in exile (we all root for you!), this is yet another great tool. Of course, Podcasts are great.

Honestly speaking, I was quite unfamiliar to the term "podcast" until the workshop. The other day, I was looking at the website of a state department from a certain country, and they had podcasted speeches from their officials. I was then completely absorbed, and I would like to implement it on our DPP English Website.

Perhaps one of our most advanced technitians can write on CALDCloggers how to's and more stuff about it.

Peace Out!

Ping-Ya Hsu

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Article on Youth Development

This report provides a conceptual model for understanding youth development and identifies the processes that enhance the adolescent experience and promote a successful transition from childhood to adulthood. It is intended as a guide for professionals in constructing and implementing policies and programs designed to assist children and their families in navigating the adolescent era along positive developmental pathways.

The model is based on the proposition that development occurs through reciprocal and dynamic interactions that take place between individuals and various aspects of their environment. Neither person variables nor environmental variables are the primary basis or cause of an individual's functioning or development. Instead, the person and the environment simultaneously influence one another.

Pathways to adulthood may take many forms, and particular experiences or events may be viewed as turning points for individuals during which new directions may be taken. Research findings indicate that positive developmental pathways are fostered when adolescents have developed the following:

A sense of industry and competency;

A feeling of connectedness to others and to society;

A belief in their control over their fate in life; and

A stable identity.

Adolescents who have developed these characteristics appear to be more likely than others to engage in prosocial behaviors, exhibit positive school performances, and be members of nondeviant peer groups. These characteristics also have been found to moderate community factors that often serve as barriers to positive developmental pathways, such as social disorganization, a lack of quality institutions and support systems, and prejudice and discrimination.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Blog Gadget

Hi friends!! This might be of interest to you. It's a new blog gadget that converts the text in your blog posts into speech. I haven't tried it yet as I just came across it last night. But it looks fun...:) Probably the Koreans already had this some time ago huh....:P

Michael (Singapore)

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

PKB New Site

Hi All...

Its so great to see that almost all of us continuously communicating....
Just wanna to share that we are currenyly preparing our new website, currently dedicated to our central commite news... (But sorry... no english version. Ouch!!).
We also add YLDA icon on our site... so, Ann.. pls forgive for not asking your permission first....

We are waiting for your comments. Thanks..
Here the address :


Monday, September 26, 2005

pakistan calling

Dear friends,

since I was the last one to reach home don't be surprised why am I writing so late.

Well for me this workshop was indeed an opportunity to meet and see people from partner organisations ( an opportunity to put a face to a name) and off course a great deal of learning from fellow colleagues.

Michael thanks for creating this blog . this would off course keep us in touch for long.

Korea, great job and must acknowledge I really felt this "technological divide". but hope when we meet next , LFP will have a far better website then what we have right now.


Sunday, September 25, 2005

News from the LIberal Party of Sri Lanka

The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka may reconsider its stance on the upcoming Presidential Election.

Though the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka in its executive committee meeting held on the 10th of September had decided to talk with the ruling coalition candidate priminister Mr Mahinda Rajapakse regarding suppot or alliance, a counter view is emerging within the committe to field a candidate of its own to contest the fourthcoming Presidential Election.

centre: Mr Mahinda Rajapakse (photo from

In 1999, the President of the party Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha contested the Presidential Election and was placed 6th out of 13 candidates.

Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha (photo from

With the assasination of the Foreign Minister Hon Luxman Kadiragamar one of the key advisers of the priminister by the separatist tamil extremists, a month ago , the Liberal party of Sri Lanka now feels that the priminister has lost his balance and tilting towards demands of ultra Sinhala nationalists.

On the other hand opposition candidate former priminister Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe also failed in his attempts to bring about a settlement and the tamil separatists withdrew from talks in April 2003. His party is also a member of the "Conservative International"(IDU).There is fear among the patriotic intellectuals that Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe may follow a policy of appeasement with the tamil separatists to achieve peace without honour in the footsteps of Neville Chamberlain , the British Priminister before Sir Winston Churchill.

The Liberal Party of Sri Lanka adopts a federal solution to the problem based on either 9 provinces or 5 regions. The tamil separatist organisation the LTTE is advocating for a unitary system of government in the north east with one party dominance and it is in the process of assasinating leaders of rival tamil parties and moderate tamil leaders.

The Liberal Party stands for a policy of 'social market economy', as against statist policy of leftists and the policy of crony 'open market economy' of the Conservative United National Party.

Kamal Nissanka (Sri Lanka)

Some one did the right thing

I got the following email, this is the right thing to do, but I am not sure who did it. With this it created a login for each of us, instead of having to let us all share password on one same account.



CALDClogger wrote:


You have been invited by CALDClogger to join a blog called CALDCloggers

Blogger is a free service for easily communicating and sharing ideas on
the web.

Next Steps:

1. Please follow the link below. If you do not follow this link, you
will not be able to logon to the correct blog.

Note: If this link wraps in your email (not all of it is on one line)
copy and paste the entire link into your browser's location bar. Be sure
to include characters that may have wrapped to the next line.

2. If you already have a Blogger account, you will be asked to either
accept of decline this invitation.

3. If you do not have a Blogger account, you can create one for free in
less than a minute. Just click the link and press the 'Create an
Account' button.


Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Power of Nature

I came back to Taipei at 20:00 and rode back home looking at Taipei City through the car window in deep thought.

Taipei 101 loomed in the distance from my right side and Yuanshan Hotel to my left. I love Taipei, and it will always hold a special place in my heart, but I have nothing but admiration for the Italian architect, Cesar Pelli, who designed the Petronas Tower. What a beauty of a creation! I just wished they placed more planning into building Taipei 101.

The workshop has left me wondering on what I can do more to improve our system, and how, myself will bring about changes into this system!

Bearing much pressure in my mind, I sat on the computer and created a new blog. Due to the high humidity, the news of a new typhoon that will storm though the south of Taiwan, I forgot the logging name and the password of my new blog.

Perhaps it is better if I stick to this one, but that even leaves me more pressured to write articles that people will not consider too timely to read or too sensitive for their tastes.

I sometimes think, nature is incredible at how destructive it can be. Hurricane Katrina that devastated Louisiana and Mississippi, the typhoon today in Taiwan, and Rita, which has already disturbed our President's Miami visit, are all just the most recent example. What's next and what more pain will come out of it? We are all worried, of course.

Wanting to write more, I believe am rambling too much. I want to write more comments on the workshop, and ideas we have for the next one. Here in Taiwan, we are all excited to host it next time. Maybe another day and in another post.

Thank you Michael for the great job of creating the blog, for your e-mail today, and for posting the pictures. Even though I will not stop calling you betrayer, I am really happy for everything you worked so hard to create. Cheers!

Ping-Ya Hsu

Disabling Spam

Latest Update: I've enabled Word Verification for Comments. That should get rid of any more spam.

My Humble Hopes.

Hi all,

now that the workshop has ended, I'd like to thank all the organizers, speakers and participants for their friendship and their sharing. It's been a good trip and I look forward to Taipei next year.

To everyone at the workshop, do feel free to add to the blog as and when. If there are little incidents that occurred during the workshop, do write about them. If there's anything you feel the need to share, please do. Oh, and feel free to add relevant pictures to your posts. You should have found the pictures in a CD that's been circulated to all. Thanks Narwin and Bryan for working on them!

And here are some of my humble hopes:

1) That this blog will be active and can be carried on over with successive workshops.

2) The workshop has ended. Everyone has their access to blog on this site. So please blog as your individual identity and not representative of all of us.

2) That we write to share, and not to country-bash or government-bash.

3) That we think (just 10 seconds will be fine too) before we click that Publish Post Icon.

4) That we all keep in touch and share our knowledge and expertise in whatever way we can.

Alrity, I think that's all for now. There's a lot of stuff I wanna write about. Things like Raymond singing on the bus, Vilay's awesome traditional Cambodian costume, Sameena enjoying her seafood..but they'll have to wait for my next update..

Lunchtime over. Over and out.

Michael (Singapore)

Who We Are

We are the people attending <> workshop at Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Hotel Istana between 17-21-Sept-2005 who are political party members belonging to CALD = Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats .

We are the worst pains in the ass for the Asian Authocratic Govts and dictatorial despots!! We are going to nail each of these tyrants good and proper! So people who support democracy liberalism and freedom, come support and join us in this fight!


This post is added by k.h.yap 21.Sept.2005

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Bridging that DIGITAL DIVIDE

It was brought up that more technical aspects of the internet should have been discussed, given we all want to have a hand in making our websites snazzier.

Our Singaporean friends offered their services...if we have anything technical to ask, we can just shoot them an email. Neat! Hows that for bridging the digital divide?

Michael - be prepared to be flooded with email.

Anne (Philippines)

Visit to PGRM

The participants of the 3rd CALD Communiations Workshop had the opportunity to visit the headquarters of the Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysia last evening.

The team was warmly greeted by the officials of the party hierchary. After a brief introductory note given by Dr Wijerathnam, the team was invited for a typical Malaysian Chinese dinner, which was served in stages.
The dinner comprised of sharks' fin soup, steamed fish, roasted duck, mushrooms, salad, different kinds of mooncake, and so on.

While the dinner was in progress, the most fascinating event was the speech delivered by Hon. Chia Kwang Chye, MP, Deputy Minister for Internal Security of Malaysia, and Acting Secretary General of PGRM.
And I think we were priviledged to listen to his speech, which reflected his substance, eloquence, and humour.
Kamal (Sri Lanka)

Monday, September 19, 2005

SPAM hits CALDCloggers...

Wow...this is only the first day that the CALDCloggers has been up...and we've already received a few comments to our posts! Unfortunately, all of them except for 1 are from spammers...

Damn all spammers!!! In a way, it's ironic that we've been hit by spam, as that is a problem that affects, to some degree, the effectiveness of our internet communications.

For instance, we learnt from a couple of presentations today that some e-newsletters have a tendency to be treated as spam over time, thus sharply affecting their effectiveness as a communication tool.

Also, the irritation caused by spamming, to some extent, discourages people from signing up for new legitimate services. Some people tend to adopt a wait-&-attitude with regards to 'new-fangled services and devices. This might limit the effectiveness of a creative method of communication that we might come up with.

ok, that's it for now. We're going to visit Parti Gerakan Rakyat Malaysiaand they're gonna host a dinner for us...hungry...

Laters alligators...
Michael (Singapore)

Let the presentations begin!

Listening to the 3 country reports today made me feel like I was surfing the internet with a running commentary (and an interpreter to boot). Somehow, knowing the background/ behind-the-scenes story/ strategy behind the websites I saw made them even more intriguing.

Did you know, for instance, that the Uri Party website that you see today won't be the same Uri Party website you’ll see in 6 months? Yup, that’s the only way to satisfy a sophisticated, tech savvy electorate, like the South Koreans. You’ll not only get your party’s communication across - you’ll also get their VOTE, and a $2.00 membership fee. I’m green with envy.

The Sam Rainsy Party website was the only website in English, making their international target group extra appreciative. I also saw a CALD link in their home page - I know John Coronel was extra appreciative as well. Heng Soknang took the time to show us Hun Sen’s website and somebody suggested that we all send him emails. Love letters, perhaps?

Lets learn a lesson or two from the Democrat Party of Thailand, which focuses on campaigning for their brilliant (and handsome) politicians online instead of badmouthing Thaksin and the like. They have a homepage design competition to draw interest from the youth...YLDA members and participants who are youth-at-heart are unfortunately disqualified because its open to Thais only.

More running commentaries tomorrow!

Anna (Philippines)

Daily Recap

Our first day at the CALD Communications Workshop "Political Parties and the Internet" (well if you consider the Welcome Dinner as the first day, then I should say it is our second day).

How exciting! The working groups are going to be: Logistics, Gerakan Liaison, Newsletter and finally Documentation. CALD Executive Director John Coronel delivered a Welcome Address to all participants, for which FNF Dr. Ronald Meinardus, serving as facilitator of the workshop, ensued with an overall introduction of the workshop, and a description of the working groups.

After we were able to divide and conquer into little groups, Mr. Heiner Reufers talked about the on-going FNF Projects in Malaysia, working alongside with Parti Gerakan of Malaysia.

Our brains needed a little break, so we did a brainstorming exercise on how we can help as political parties to improve the image of CALD in our respective countries.

Afterwards, we had a wonderful Chinese yam-cha with our favourite Chinese breakfast dishes.

In the afternoon, we divided once again into two groups. We talked about and delivered presentations on the Internet's Role for Political Parties.

At the end of the day, there were three presentations given (separate article).

Until next time!
Ping-ya (Taiwan)

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Our First Post!! :D

Hi all!!!!

the Newsletter team has gotten its blog up!!! We're at the Songket Lounge at the Hotel Istana and we're really excited at this space that we've set up! :)

We'll be posting updates from the CALD Communications Workshop in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia over the next few days so do pop in time to time to find what what we've been up to.

Well, just a short entry for now. It's really time to go to bed...We have to be punctual tomorrow. Gotta cooperate with the Logistics Team. :)

We'll try and squeeze in an update at breakfast tomorrow before the workshop...Oh..and many thanks to Bryan. Had to get him down to the lobby at 1am to log in for us...U the Man...

Michael (Singapore)